Kuishis - the archivists of Kazakh culture

09 Apr 2021


Kuishis are composers of Kazakh classical folk music typically accompanied by the domba or kyl kobyz stringed instruments. Nomadic people preserved in stories and songs history, lore, moral & social constructs, and skills to survive on the great steppe. Kuis can date as early as the 8th century CE.  Dina Nurpeisova is a famous kushis and one of Kazakhstan’s most recognized female historical figures. This year marks the 160th anniversary of Nurpeisova’s birthday and her legacy will be celebrated with concerts around the world, which conveys the esteem that Kazakh culture holds for these musical archivists of Kazakh culture, tradition and history. 

The names of other famous kuishis are Dauletkerey, Kurmangazy, Mukhit, Musirali, Uzak, Alikey, Turkesh, Yeszhan, Bayzhuma, and Balamaysan.   

Abiken Khasenov – Kui “Sarzhailau”

Zhusupbek Elebekov – Adaskak

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