Ethnotourism in Kazakhstan

30 October 2019

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Want to visit Kazakhstan but don’t want to be stuck doing the same ol’ touristy things you can find in almost any other city? Ethnotourism is an option for those who are looking to experience the Land of the Great Steppe in a unique and interesting way.

Learn about the history and culture of the Kazakh people by visiting a place such as an ethno village. An ethno village is essentially a recreation of the day to day life of a traditional Kazakh nomad, with features such as a fully erected yurt with customary decor, Kazakh cuisine offerings, entertainment, music, and more.

Ethno Auyl, which literally translates to “ethno village” is a place that offers the aforementioned, and is located in the suburbs of Nur-Sultan. It was created for EXPO 2017 but is still operating to educate tourists about the culture of the Kazakh people.

Visitors to Kazakhstan may also sign up for a tour to visit the “Hunns” Ethno Village near Talgar. This ethno village allows guests to step inside of a traditional nomadic yurt, learn about cultural traditions, see examples of traditional games, eat a national meal, learn how to dance, as well as take a master class on how to cook Kazakh dishes and make cultural items using felt and silver.

Tourists may also check out places such as the Shabanbay Bi Village in Central Kazakhstan, which offers a similar experience.

After traveling to an ethno village, vacationers may want to further their ethnotourism journey by adding places such as the Zhambyl Zhabayev museum to their itineraries. This museum, located in the Almaty region, boats the home of the famous poet as well as a garden and a mausoleum. Coming here is like stepping back in time and seeing what life was like in the era during which the revered poet lived.

Another notable destination is the Ethno-memorial Complex Map of Kazakhstan - Atameken. This unique attraction is located in Kazakhstan’s capital city, Nur-Sultan, and is home to an ethnographic park and an outdoor museum. Here, guests will find displays of cities and landscapes across the country along with a fun exhibit featuring miniature versions of iconic places and historical sites in Kazakhstan.