Horses of Berelsky
22 December 2018

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In 1998, in a mound near the Berel village in Chiliktinsk valley expedition led by the Kazakh archaeologist Zeinulla Samashev discovered a well-preserved burial Sakas prince, dating back to 4th century BC. In addition to a large number of household items and decorations in the mound were found the remains of 13 harness horses, decorated with gilded horns.

Horses of Berelsky mound are 2,500 years. Due to the original features of mound’s structure the animal flesh was preserved, but also the materials of arts and crafts were in good condition. The secrets of masters of the Sakas period, who had the technology of manufacturing gold jewelry, in common called white gold (when gold falls on a silver base), are still do not unraveled. In modern times, technology of electrolysis is used for this.

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